“Beauty? It's often so difficult to define. Everyone has his own and it's unique and is revealed not only on the inside but also on the outside. I believe the fusion of the two makes one feel and look beautiful.” Slama Sharon

For more than 18 years, beauty has been the at the core of Sharon's practice. Embracing a style that has been described as glamourous and sexy, with a iconic twist, Sharon molds and shape hair for a wide range of clients in Los Angeles, Chicago and Israel. Through his hands, magic unfolds...fusing inner and outer beauty through the snip of his scissors or a swash of color.

Born and raised in Israel, Sharon began his career in beauty as a model for a variety of companies, including Levi-Strauss, Raffles, Coca Cola, and Café (Israeli clothing line). As a model, he was obsessed with hair and soon afterward, traveled to Europe with his brother Yoel to start his practice. Trained and inspired by the creative minds in London and Paris, he would return to Israel at the age of 18 to open a salon with his brother Miki, which was the birth of the MikiSharon Salon. As their experienced deepened and their renown grew, Sharon and Miki opened a second salon in Chicago 8 years later, and in 2007, proudly opened doors to their third salon in West Hollywood.

Sharon's quest for beauty and excellence are the driving forces behind all aspects of MikiSharon: salon design, MS product line, service and client relationships. Sharon owes much of his early success to training he received from masters at Sunrise, Tony & Guy, and Alexander De Paris. He has worked his magic with such clients as Tyra Banks, Krista Allen, Josh Allen, Penelope Ann Miller, Mary Louise Parker and Gunnar Petterson, among others.

Sharon continues to unveil the beauty through all aspects of his craft at MikiSharon and uses top of the line products and methods to make that happen. Not only will his hands win over your external beauty, his heart and love will bring out your inner shine as well.