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Hair Extensions are the "hottest" items of today's beauty industry. You can see the growing popularity in fashion all around the world.

MikiSharon Salon offer a hair extension service. Specialists are working with newest techniques so it will fit you perfectly!
Hair infusion I-TIP, often known as healthy hair extensions, is a fabulous way to add long-lasting length, fullness and highlights without damaging chemicals, heat or glue. With the right tools and practice at time-tested classic application methods, you'll be well on your way to a whole new 'do!
The I-Tip Method is very easy to attach as well as remove and then reuses over and over again due to the high quality hair. The result is a ‘nearly Invisible’ Strand by Strand Hair Attachment where the individual Strands are linked to the client’s hair using either any of our Links or Shrinkies. When attached by an Extension Specialist the outcome will be flat and seamless.

Pricing will be after free consultation only, because of different type of hair and quantity too.

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